​Bingle Audio expert from Denmark

At the beginning of the 21st century, bingle integrated global resources and established an exclusive audio Research Institute; In 2008, bingle again

Self breakthrough, will be the first used in wireless navigation warning system saw technology, transplanted to high-quality audio wireless transmission

In the middle. Let the most beautiful sound get rid of the shackles of metal wires, and different sound quality can achieve anti-interference

No delay, long-distance transmission restore.

Bingo bingle was founded in China in 2009..

My advantage

In product design

Bingo bingle adheres to the consistent style of North Europe and America, and puts delicate emotion into the products. It not only has fashionable modeling design, but also pays attention to the simplicity of operation and humanized functional design;

In the core technology

Bingo bingle has created the unique "dual power patent technology" in the earphone industry! The perfect application of high and low frequency division in the field of audio to headphones makes the sound quality more extreme, and makes the headphones produce a shocking feeling like home theater;